Craig & Tony

On Saturday, August 25th, Tony & Craig were married in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. They had waited 18 years.


I call upon all persons here present to witness that I, Craig Anthony Wright, take you, Tony Gigov, to be my lawfully wedded husband. Tony. I am in love.

I am in love with you. It is a difficult thing to unpack the 19 years we have travelled in time together. What I know is, reflecting on this most precious gift of you, and our partnership together - we have moved through time where once questioning whether we could even experience love openly - we have in our time reached a point, where it is my pleasure and thrill to be recognised in all equality a married man. We have shared an incredible adventure, filled with joy, thrills and exhilaration .... and each of these moments a shared experience. We have driven a long way together. We have crossed many plains and mountains, sharing the driving. We have been gifted with knowing the undulations of the coast and the country roads. Some of those busy times highways, and some of them quiet peaceful moments of solitude. All of them, shared with you and none of them I would change. In the dizzying heights of this time travel and the countless moments shared - it still feels like day one to me.

With also experiencing the scars from some very deep wounds that only time can create, and the surface scratches that we choose to help each other polish to new - I am grateful I am the man who has the incredible and amazing opportunity to call you my husband.

I will never let you fall. I cherish you and I adore you. You inspire me and you invite me to view things differently. You encourage me to be true and in challenging my views and beliefs, I am a greater man for it. I wish for you, that I can reflect just a part of the wonderful you are. Never doubt my words. I pledge that my intentions are to show and share gratitude with you always. To be truthful with you in my words and actions. To encourage you also, that at this midpoint in our journey, where we think and know a lot, we may in fact know very little, and so we have the renewal of our commitment and the peace and safety that comes from knowing I will be there to greet you when you arrive home each day.

I will be there to wipe away your tears of sadness and pain. I will share the joy and laughter in our own differences and know, at the deepest part of me - acceptance of these differences is my version of what makes us strong. I promise to speak with you without harm and being humbled by the privilege to grow old with you, and for as long as our forever may be. It could only in my imagination be death that would tear us apart. I will never let you fall. I will hold you close.

In front of my family who are also your family - hear this. With your family here and those not - our commitment and my commitment to you has not changed. It is unwavering. With the friends who we call family here, I choose to surrender the choice of exiting. I have joy and adventure to share and a life unknown yet to create and share with you.

At this midpoint in our journey - I say yes! I say yes to growing old with you. I say yes to celebrating the incredible artist and man you are. I say yes because it's me who receives the gift of you. You are precious in ways blind to you and I will do everything I can, with everything I have to protect you, to honour you and to lift you because you should be. To honour you and lift you high for the world to see how proud I am to call you my man and my husband. I will not let you fall.

I trust, and I really trust - you. And in you. You are the love of my life. From a place in time of disbelief and doubt, to this moment in time, where today we are married - I am filled to the brim with joy and enthusiasm and excitement and attraction to my commitment and our adventure in sharing truth with you, always. In looking back from the future on today, and realising what it means to be the Kings of each other's hearts.

I love you babe. I love you because it's my joy and it's easy. In my mind, we walk hand in hand, sunrise to sunset, and we dance from sunset to sunrise and feel the ocean breeze on ourselves. In my mind we contemplate the simple and the complex philosophies of love, life and the universe - and we feel the glowing warming heat of the fire on our faces. We will walk the slippery mosses of the most amazing and fearful forests - I will not let you fall. I love you and I pledge this and more to you. I love you, and I say yes to you, forever. King of my heart.


I call upon all persons here present

to witness that I, Tony Gigov,

take you, Craig Anthony Wright,

to be my lawfully wedded husband.

Craig Anthony Wright, / the king of my heart, / the man of my dreams, / my perfect one. / You are the head to my tails / and the other half of my soul. /

You have made every love song real, / yet there will never be a song / that can touch the depth / of my love and gratitude to you. / You have never let me fall, / even though at times that is all I wanted to do.

You are fearless, gentle, loving, / and truly one of the kindest / and most generous of people I will ever know. /

I am humbled by your presence / and so honoured / to be the one you have chosen to marry. /

In 1999, / on the eve of the new millennium, / we met. / I had written a list which described my perfect man. / It seemed the ink had barely dried when you appeared. / I was left breathless / by the man I described later to my friends / as Buddha Eyes & Mr. Big!

These 19 years have passed so quickly, / but I still recall one of our earliest conversations / where I told you I loved you over & over & over again. / It felt like I’d never stop saying those words, / and so far, I have not. / The joy in your eyes, my love, / when I told you I will love you forever. / You asked through tears / and words that told me you wanted to trust what I meant by “forever”. / I said it was ‘til the end of time and beyond. / That I would be there in that place / on the other side of this life, / waiting to continue our love even there. /

So today, / my first vow before all these eyes – / I vow to love you forever, until the end of time. / I vow to wait for you in the next place / and all places after that. / I promise to always be kind to you, / to be patient. / I will always have your back, my love, / and I promise to bite my tongue / & not speak harsh words to you. / The truth is, / you are my perfect one. / You were perfect the day we met / & that has not changed. / I will celebrate you. / I will praise you. / I will worship you with all of me. / You will always be the king of my heart. / You rule my world / and I could not feel happier or more blessed. / Today I promise to be more like you. / Craig Anthony Wright, / from today you are my husband / and I will forever love you.

Our Wedding Day

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